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From just $12 a day

Commercial 2 group espresso machine
Commercial Mazzer grinder
All accessories including:

  • Tamp

  • Tamp mat

  • Milk Jugs

  • cleaning supplies

Free delivery and setup Auckland wide (1)
Free essentials of Espresso quick start guide
Complimentary bag of coffee and 100 take out cups

We make things as easy as possible:

  • All machines are self contained (no need to be plumbed into the mains water supply. They operate on 20l fresh water tanks and waste water tanks)

  • Our machines run off standard household power (10a power sockets) so there is no requirement for expensive 3 phase power.

  • Water filters come fitted as standard to ensure reduced servicing requirements and cleaner, fresher tasting espresso

  • Coffee subscriptions and other consumables can either be "set and forget" or changed to cover demand as required. We can cater for anything from 1-100kg's per week

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